Rhiannon Giddens to be 2019 Commencement Speaker

Shelsea Deravil shderavil@ursinus.edu This year’s graduation commencement speaker will be musician Rhiannon Giddens. According to her website “Rhiannon Giddens,” Giddens is co-founder of her Grammy-Award […]

Senior Alumni Award, its History and Value

Courtney Duchene coduchene@ursinus.edu The Office of Alumni Relations is currently seeking nominations for the Senior Alumni Award. First given in 2006, the Senior Alumni Award […]


LGBTea Time: a safe, open, and supportive event

LGBT community members gather for open dialogue Sienna Coleman sicoleman@ursinus.edu Originally, LGBTea Time was a group of friends led by former GSA president Robin Gow […]

Job, Internship, and Networking Fair

Explore career opportunities on February 20 Skylar Haas skhaas@ursinus.edu The perfect place to prepare for and possibly dive into your future after college is Ursinus’ […]


Climate denial is more malicious than ignorant

Daniel Walkerdawalker@ursinus.edu Like many of you, I spent my first two weeks back at school fending off the bitter cold and navigating walkways fraught with […]

The elitism of Davos is repulsive and out-of-touch

Thomas Bantleythbantley@ursinus.edu The world witnessed 2019’s Davos World Economic Forum from January 22-25. Davos is a yearly forum at which the world’s richest and most […]


Men’s Lax prepped for start of season

Gabriela Howellgahowell@ursinus.edu David Mendelsohndamendelsohn@ursinus.edu As February progresses, the Ursinus College Men’s Lacrosse Team is eager to begin their 2019 season on the 16th. Junior Bobby […]

Love and Basketball. . . and Tennis

Former high school couple set to become the next power couple of UC athletics Zack Mureddazamuredda@ursinus.edu Two high school athletes from Central Pennsylvania who hit […]