Redesign of Student page on Ursinus website

Madison Rodak

    Students may have done a double-take the first time they visited the Ursinus website this semester. The student section of the site has undergone a massive makeover.  

    Gone is the sidebar that displayed the faces of students and young alumni, as well as columns of listed tabs. Now, new graphics of Ursinus’ campus take up space on the page, serving as the tabs to help you sort through the student links.

     Additionally, all of the “popular links” are now listed at the top of the page in a black box, with a few other helpful links presented just below. There is a lot to be found here, from drop/add forms to a link that sends you directly to the page for the Center for Writing and Speaking. It’s as if everything a student might need over the course of a semester—from information about campus jobs to transcript requests—were compiled into a neat little stack.

     Greg Skinner, Director of Enterprise Information and project manager of the Students page updates, explained the various changes made to the website. “The team involved with the new student page sought to improve the page in two ways,” Skinner said. “We wanted to provide an improved look and feel for the page, while more importantly enriching the number of services listed and their ease of use.”

     The new Students page was designed with the thoughts and experiences of students in mind. It also seems that saving students time was a main focus of the changes, as Skinner went on to explain. “Our hope is that the new page will make it easier to find and use student services, ultimately saving students time and frustration,” Skinner said. “We recently added a search services option to help further enhance the usefulness of the page.”

     Skinner also stresses that the IT department would love to hear feedback about the new design from students, as well as suggestions on how to improve the page even more. There is a “Tell us what to add to this page” at the bottom of the Students page that you can use to send IT comments and propositions that would be of value to future students.

   “I like it because the Canvas and Grizzly Gateway are easier to access,” Samantha Parrotta ‘20 said. 

     These student suggestions and other website changes may soon become a reality as the college has plans to redesign more sections of the website, according to the digital content team. 

     Digital Content Manager Erin Hovey, who focuses on content for the school’s website, said that a more significant website redesign will occur this fall, and take 6-8 months. The redesign will affect the entire school website. 

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