Do you get to keep one of the Spidey suits?

Watch Annabelle Comes Home 2019 free Jake steps in in a really cool way. He fills Tony’s shoes in a mentor sense. He and Peter Parker become fast friends. What’s really interesting is, in the original draft, at times they would butt heads and wouldn’t agree, but Jake and I became such good friends so quickly.

The director and producers were like, “Every time they improvise and they burst out laughing, it’s infectious, so let’s just make them best friends.” So throughout the course of the film, we become close and it’s a really fun dynamic.

It’s funny. The one thing I asked for was a zipper, so I could go to the bathroom, and they didn’t give me one. The biggest change was in the first one, I had to wear this suit, this helmet on my head, and it broke one day. It cut my face really bad. We had to reconfigure that, so the helmet under the suit was much more comfortable this time around.

But I was still unable to go to the toilet. It’s funny. On the first film, one day I spent 11 hours in the suit. I rang my mom and said, “Mom, I had a tough day today and this and that. I had the suit on for 11 hours. I didn’t go to the toilet.”

Then, she hung up the phone a little angry. The next day, the producer walks up to me and he goes, “Hey Tom, can we talk?” I was like, “Sure yeah, what happened?” I thought I was in trouble. He goes, “How are your kidneys?”

I was like, “They’re fine. Why are you asking?” He was like, “Your mom called yesterday, and she basically said you need to let my son go to the toilet.” So good old mom was looking after me, even when I was away in Atlanta.

Do you get to keep one of the suits?

No, they won’t let me have one. These suits are worth like hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you can’t put them on yourself, so I would have no use for it. I wouldn’t be able to put it on. Not that I would want to put it on on my day off.