A new species comes to Ursinus

Photograph Courtesy of The Ursinusaur

The Grizzly Staff


     The Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event has yet to come to Ursinus College, home to its very own dinosaur. Ursinus’ local dinosaur is a T-Rex known as the Ursinusaur. The Ursinusaur continues to roam the halls and football fields of Ursinus long after many of its fellow Jurassic relatives have died out. A popular figure on campus, The Grizzly staff recently had the chance to interview Ursinus’ resident reptile.

     What inspired you to become the Ursinusaur?

     Well, I originally wanted to buy a bear costume to mess with the mascot but found they are really expensive. I then found that dinosaur costumes on Amazon are not that expensive, so I bought one and then decided to make an Instagram for it.

     Do you have any sidekicks?

     I did, but they are all extinct now.

     How have people reacted to your presence at events?

     They laugh, take pictures, and come up asking for pictures with me. So, all and all, I think they have enjoyed my presence.

     What do you do when you go out in costume? How often do you plan to make appearances?

     I usually go out to whatever events are going on that have the most people, and I try to come out on the weekends.

     What are your future plans?

     To continue to grow the [Instagram] account and to head to Reimert this weekend to meet some new people.

     What is your major/minor?

     History and archaeology.

     How do you hope your services will contribute to the Ursinus community?

     I just hope to make people laugh and [lessen] any stress people may have. [I] just [want] to have a good time too, honestly.

     What do you enjoy most about Ursinus? What criticisms do you have?

     I enjoy the people. I feel that Ursinus should have more dinosaur-friendly sports. It’s hard to play the many sports the school provides with my short arms.

     What is your favorite part about being the Ursinusaur?

     Honestly, just making people smile [and] laugh and just getting well-known.

     What’s the worst thing about being the Ursinusaur?

     The costume gets really hot. So, I can only stay in the costume for a max of about 30 minutes. That’s probably the worst part, [though].

      Why do you want to remain anonymous?

     I think the concept that no one knows who I am makes it more fun when people see me.

     How do you think that dinosaurs benefit from a liberal arts education?

     Dinosaurs like to be revered as well-rounded individuals. Also, dinosaurs [want] to know how to survive the next meteor strike.

     How would you, as the Ursinusaur, answer the four CIE questions: What should matter to me? How should we live together? How can we understand the world? What will I do?

     Well, what matters to me is how my presence affects people, hopefully it’s in a positive way. And I feel we should live together as [peacefully] as possible. As for how to understand the world, I say look towards the past and try to engage in other cultures. And I will just keep continuing what I have been doing so far, trying to bring amusement to people.

     How do you feel about the Ursinus bear mascot? Are they doing a good enough job at representing the school?

     Yeah, I do believe they are doing a good job. I would like to someday have the job of being in the bear costume, but oh well.

     How do you feel about the portrayal of dinosaurs in Hollywood blockbusters such as “Jurassic Park”?

     They portray us as uneducated monsters and I feel that they gave us a really bad reputation. The human race also flatter[s] themselves by thinking that we would enjoy having them as a snack.

     How do you hope to push back against these stereotypes?

     To be a successful dinosaur. I will push back these stereotypes by completing my college education. Oh, and by not snacking on humans.

     Why do you think there is such a stigma surrounding dinosaurs?

     The human race attacks things they are scared of and smaller than. So, it is only natural for them to create a bad image [of] dinosaurs.

     Do you have any political aspirations?

     I believe in a society governed by dinosaurs. With no political parties. Every dinosaur has its own voice and are all equal.

     What is your motto?

     Big dreams, little arms.

     Do you have any words of wisdom for your fellow students?

     To go study hard and to have fun!

     Students can follow the Ursinusaur on Instagram @the_ursinusaur.

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