Alumna returns to campus to talk about self-publishing

Photo Courtesy of Kayla O'Mahony

Sophia DiBattista

 On April 26, Corinne Moulder ’07 will return to Ursinus to discuss the world of publishing with current students. Formally Corinne Liccketto, Moulder is a former English major with minors in creative writing and media and communication studies at Ursinus College. 

     After graduating from Ursinus, Moulder went on to pursue a career in the publishing business. She currently works at Smith Publicity in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where she is the Vice President and Director of Business Development.

     English and creative writing professor Dr. Jon Volkmer was once Moulder’s advisor and organized Moulder’s trip back to Ursinus. Said Volkmer, “Many students are interested in jobs or careers in writing and publishing. [Moulder] is uniquely positioned as Director of Business Development at [Smith Publicity], a firm on the cutting-edge of new publishing models, and specifically self-publishing.”

     According to Volkmer, his initial intention for Moulder’s return “was originally just going to be a visit to [the ENGL-209S class, DIY Publishing].”

     Volkmer’s DIY Publishing class is designed to help students who want to learn how to publish their own work without having to go through the “gatekeepers” of the publishing business, such as finding agents or having to publish under a Big 5 corporation, like Penguin Random House for example. 

     One of Volkmer’s current students is Gabriel Tenaglia ’20. Tenaglia explained, “I chose to take the class because I’ve always held a pipe dream about being a published author, and the big publishing companies always seemed intimidating.” 

     Tenaglia continued, “I’d always heard about self-publishing as an alternative, but I never really knew much about it.”

     Tenaglia described the impact the DIY Publishing. He said, “I think this class teaches aspiring writers something very important about publishing their work. It’s a reality check, not just for self-publishing, but for traditional publishing too. It makes you realize how much work and failure you’re likely to face in getting yourself published, and how your job isn’t over even after you got the book out on the market.”

     But Volkmer reconsidered his initial plan to have Moulder speak only to his DIY Publishing Class, adding that “I thought more [about how other] students could benefit from the event.” Due to this reconsideration, the event will now be open to all students who are interested in publishing but haven’t had the benefit of taking Volkmer’s class.

     While he has been somewhat exposed to the publishing world already, Tenaglia is hoping “to learn about publicity for books” from Moulder when she visits. 

     He explained, “[Publicity] is something we really haven’t talked about in the course yet. A big problem in DIY publishing is making your book stand out amongst the sea of other works. [I’d like to] know the specifics about what publicity looks like in the literary world.” 

     While the event deals with publishing and how individuals can get their names out into the world as a published writer, other students besides those interested in writing are more than welcome to attend the event and will benefit, according to Volkmer. “Anyone interested in cutting-edge electronics and media would benefit from learning about this evolving world,” Volkmer explained.

     Tenaglia encouraged students to attend the event as well. He said, “I think this event is naturally interesting because it’s about potential employment opportunities outside of Ursinus, so naturally college students should want to come. Aside from that, I think the opportunity to hear about publicity in publishing is useful for more than just creative writing types. There are a lot of kinds of fields for publishing and delving into that world could prove useful later on.”

     Corinne Moulder will be accompanied by Lauren Roberts, Smith Publicity’s in-house publicist. The talk will take place in the Bear’s Den, April 26, at 3 p.m. Any students with further questions regarding the should contact Jon Volkmer at Students can also learn more about Moulder by checking out her profile at