Athlete spotlight: Peter DeSimone

Zack Muredda

When the Ursinus Men’s Lacrosse coaching staff was recruiting players four years ago, they couldn’t have known that they would bring someone in who is poised to take a spot atop the UC record books. But that’s just what they got in now senior Peter DeSimone.

DeSimone, an East Greenwich, Rhode Island native, attended La Salle Academy in his home state before choosing to continue his lacrosse career at Ursinus.

“I would say that I was pretty positive going into high school that I wanted to play lacrosse in college. It was always the sport I liked the most so it always just made sense that if I wanted to play collegiate athletics it would be the sport I chose,” Desimone said.

Pete’s father, Herb, played a big role for him during his youth along with having his own athletic ability. Herb Desimone played both football and lacrosse at Brown University and encouraged Pete to play multiple sports when he was younger. Herb was also the person to show Pete his eventual favorite sport.

“My dad showed me the sport of lacrosse at a very young age. He played in college so he was vital in how I grew to love and appreciate the sport,” DeSimone said.

In high school, Pete listened to his dad and was a three-sport athlete with football and hockey along with lacrosse.

At La Salle Academy, Pete was an all-state selection three times for lacrosse and in his senior year made the All-Western New England team.

He continued that success right into his freshman year at Ursinus where he was named the Centennial Conference Rookie of the Year after posting 24 goals and 19 assists.

In his sophomore year, DeSimone finished fourth in the Centennial Conference with 38 goals and paired that with 9 assists. In each of his first two seasons, he made second team all-Centennial Conference.

Now a senior and a co-captain for the Bears, DeSimone is ready to close his tenture on a high note after gaining three great years of experience as one of the team’s top players.

“I think I’ve learned a lot from past teammates and leaders and watching and taking some of their guidance and advice into account but also staying true to [myself],” DeSimone said.

He has led the Bears to a 4-0 start including a thrilling upset over 17th ranked Stevenson amid three victories over ranked opponents thus far. In those games Pete has posted 13 goals and 9 assists, leading the Bears in total points with 22. He’s also established himself as a team leader, which is Pete’s main focus this year.

“I think that individually I just want to have as much fun as possible playing, that’s what I’m focused on this year. Team-wise, I think we’re just focused on getting better every single day and competing day in and day out. If we do that I think we will be successful no matter the end result,” said DeSimone.

With the final season underway, DeSimone wants to be known as more than just a great lacrosse player.

He said, “I want to be remembered for being someone outside of lacrosse who was a positive influence in the community, classroom and in social settings. Someone who worked hard, had a good time, and represented the college in a positive manner.”

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