Bermudez makes UC proud at SBLII

Sophia DiBattista


Start up the Rocky theme because the Lombardi Trophy has finally come to Philadelphia. The Eagles have won Super Bowl LII behind quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles, the first Super Bowl victory in the Eagles’ colorful history.

This year the Super Bowl had a special Ursinus connection. Shammah Bermudez, Director of Disability Services at Ursinus College, worked at the much-anticipated event as a Mobility Assistant. The Super Bowl was held on Sunday, Feb. 4 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the New England Patriots 41-33.

After Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz tore his ACL, many fans and critics doubted the possibility of the team going farther and advancing to the Super Bowl, especially with Foles, the previous backup quarterback, taking over for Wentz. After winning a whopping 13 games, losing only three, and gaining the NFC Conference title, the Eagles were carried to the Super Bowl and became the official “underdogs” and champions of the NFL.

Bermudez commended the Eagles, but when it came down to which side to cheer for, Bermudez admitted to sticking with his home team, the New York Giants, even though they were not in the Super Bowl.

“Truth be told, as a native New Yorker, I am a Giants fan. So I couldn’t root for either team. However, the Eagles’ season has been a great story this year and they have played incredibly, despite the odds,” said Bermudez.

Bermudez was able to enjoy the action in Minneapolis because of some close connections.

Bermudez explained, “The opportunity came through a colleague of mine who holds a similar role as I do at a college in Minnesota. They were looking for a team of people who had experience working with individuals with disabilities and addressing issues of accessibility. After submitting information about my professional experience and going through a series of FBI and Homeland Security background checks, I was chosen.”

An opportunity like this does not occur often, and Bermudez was lucky enough to participate. Thankfully, he is a fan of football.

Bermudez said, “I was very excited! It’s a great opportunity personally and professionally. I am a big football fan, both at the college and professional level.”

He added that the chance to work there “will also allow [him] to expand [his] professional experience into a new area of working with individuals with disabilities.”

Bermudez went into greater detail regarding his job and position at the game. He said, “The official title of the position will be ‘Mobility Assistant,’ and I will be working with individuals attending the game who have various types of disabilities to ensure that they have equal access to the game and are able to enjoy it without any barriers. I will also help to address any accessibility issues for attendees that may arise during the game.”

Bermudez job at the Super Bowl is an extension of his duties here at Ursinus where he has worked diligently to help and accommodate all members of the community since the start of his job here a little over two years ago. He said, “I have a couple of roles here at Ursinus. My primary role is the Director of Disability Services, which is part of the Ursinus Institute for Student Success. I am also a part of the Crisis Response Team and on-call director for Student Affairs.”

He continued, “As part of my role as Director of Disability Services, I collaborate with different departments and offices across the college to ensure equity and inclusion for students with disabilities and raise awareness.”

Prior to Ursinus, Bermudez was the Coordinator for Disability Services at Delaware County Community College for seven years, and previously, he worked for 10 years in a rehabilitation center for post-acute brain injury. Long before he saw Ursinus in his future, Bermudez was assisting individuals and providing comfort to them. Dilly dilly, Shammah!

To contact Bermudez, you can email him at or visit his office in Room 033B in Myrin Library.

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