Build character, write now

Johnny Myers

     November is nationally recognized as “Writing Month,” spurring its own holiday tradition, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). To celebrate, Ursinus’ Center for Writing and Speaking is sponsoring events encouraging students to practice their writing skills and write about their favorite issues. Students are encouraged to submit their writing to the Center of Writing and Speaking in exchange for prizes, such as a Wawa gift card.

     In the promotional materials that Dr. Talia Argondezzi, the director of the Center, sent out, the Center for Writing and Speaking is sponsoring writing events all of November. These writing events include group writes in the library, weekly prompts, and essay submission contests. The writing prompts include: describe something, thank someone for something, and write a list. Each week the Center for Writing and Speaking will send out an email to students detailing the prompt and requirements.

     Solana Warner, a senior English major and Writing Fellow, described the aim of Writing Month, “[The goal of Writing Month is] to inspire people to write on a daily or weekly basis and improve [their writing] through practice.”

     To plan the event, Solana Warner and other Writing Fellows “held weekly meetings to brainstorm and plan for the events and weekly theme boxes.”

     “We’re trying to get students to engage in writing outside of their required essays for class in order to kindle an interest in honing their skills.  We’ve tried to encourage a wide variety of writing types through various weekly themes, such as ‘descriptive’ or ‘persuasive’ writing,” said Warner.

     “As the head of the Center for Writing and Speaking, [Argondezzi] wanted students to learn the importance of writing and the applicability it holds towards their lives and future careers,” said Warner.

     In addition to the Writing Month event, the Writing Fellows are hosting weekly “write-ins,” in which students can come to work on essays for class or creative writing. The Write-Ins will take place in the library every Tuesday in November from 12:00-2:00 p.m.

     Said Warner, “Writing is not only important, it’s fun when you’re engaged in the content!  It’s also gratifying to share your work when people give you feedback and care.”

     Students are encouraged to write about the prompts in less than 200 words, and put their answers into the painted boxes set in various spots across campus, including Olin 302, Lower Wismer, Pfahler lobby, and the first floor of Myrin. Students can also email submissions to

     This week’s prompt is to write persuasively, students are encouraged to use their writing skills to persuade the Center for Writing and Speaking, convincing the judges of anything the student feels passionately about.

     Outside of Writing Month, the Center for Writing and Speaking is available as a resource for students to gain feedback on any written or oral projects. Any student interested in receiving some helpful advice on their work can find more information on the Center or make an appointment with a Writing Fellow at