Campus safety welcomes a new family member

Xichang Wu

     The Ursinus family welcomed a new member this winter when William McCoy joined Campus Safety as its newest safety officer on Jan. 9th.

     McCoy grew up in Norristown, PA and visited Ursinus many times before being hired. As an avid football fan from an early age, McCoy has often enjoyed watching the Ursinus football team play over the years.

     Said McCoy, “The first time I visited Ursinus College was for the homecoming football game thirteen years ago through the Big Brother Big Sister program.” Twelve years later, in 2017, McCoy worked at a security company, Advanced Security, but was happy to come back to Ursinus during the homecoming football game to lend “an extra hand” for Campus Safety.

     McCoy has a long professional history of working in the security business. He worked in security in the King of Prussia Mall, the Sheraton Hotel, and for Perkiomen High School. He was excited to start his new job at Ursinus.

     “I love Ursinus,” McCoy said, adding that “the staff is very family oriented.”

     Along with the enthusiasm McCoy holds for this new job, he appreciates the free education opportunity that Ursinus provides for him to complete his bachelor’s degree.

     Said McCoy, “This job will influence my life in a positive way… I say that for the simple fact that I will be able to attain a degree free [of] charge and at my own pace.”

     McCoy previously attended Lincoln University, the United States’ first historically black college, where he pursued a degree in Sociology, but fell short of completion. He is looking forward to finishing his neededcourses by enrolling in Ursinus’ summer programs.  After college, he wants to continue his academics in the discipline of school psychology.

     “I want to guide [young] students [in] the right direction,” said McCoy.

     McCoy believes that environment plays a big factor in shaping young students psychologically. McCoy was the only kid that went to college on his neighborhood block besides his sister, a history that shaped his passion for guiding young students. Said McCoy, “I want other kids to know that there are other options.”

     He is particularly interested in studying ADHD among young children. “I want to [learn more about how] kids are diagnosed [with ADHD] and misdiagnosed” said McCoy.

     McCoy also spoke about his predecessor, Gary Hodgson, who unexpectedly passed away earlier this month after serving the Campus Safety Office for 27 years. Said McCoy, “I’m not here to fill his shoes . . . I’m here to add some love to that void space in [the staff’s] hearts. So, I think it’s my goal to . . . learn from the teachings that [Hodgson] taught them and [use those teachings to] become a great asset to the team. [So far, they’ve shown] me nothing but positivity and love.”

     As to some added advice to campus in the next few weeks, McCoy encouraged the community to “stay warm!”