Football team preparing for fall season with spring workouts

Tom Cardozo

The Ursinus College football team is midway through their spring football season and they are looking to top their performance from last fall with an 8-3 record.

The Bears have a five-week- long practice schedule, including lifts throughout the weeks.

Jake McCain, the Bears starting middle linebacker, said, “We are looking good, everyone is working hard in the weight room and on the practice field.”

McCain, a rising senior, hopes to lead the Bears defense to an even better season than the last, and hopefully win a Centennial Conference Championship.

”This league is so competitive that any team has a chance. So why not us?” McCain said.

There are several factors that contribute to a radical increase in success for the Bears the last few seasons, and therefore the increased optimism.

McCain said, “I think a huge part to our success right now is the hard work we have been putting in, in the weight room with Coach [Eric] Hoffman and Coach [Mike] Moronese. Guys just bought in to make this program better.”

As the Bears continue to grind through the spring season, some of the stand-out players include freshman defensive end Kevin Diehl and rising senior tight end Matt Gallagher.

Diehl has been working tenaciously in the weight room and it is showing on the practice field, according to Jake McCain.

Along with Diehl’s hard work in the weight room and on the field, Gallagher is making a position change from fullback to tight end in order to help put the team in a better position to succeed. Making this position change is not easy for any player, but Gallagher is dedicated to help the team in any way possible.

Gallagher said, “When Coach asked me to make the position change, I was excited about the opportunity. I know how to run routes and block, but if this is what I can do to help the team, I am all in.”

With several players standing out this spring the defense will also have a new defensive line coach. Coach Demetrius Wilson is coming from Indianapolis to help the Bears and their defensive line unit along with second- year defensive coordinator Steve Devlin.

While the senior class graduates, more talent files into the program with the incoming freshman class. The Bears are hoping to bring in approximately 30 first-year players next season to help add depth and talent to the roster.

The Bears hope to continue their hot streak from last fall into the second half of spring practices and offseason lifting. With new additions to the coaching staff and rising stars, the Bears are ready to attack next fall and compete for a Centennial Conference Championship.

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