Help Wanted: UCARE Fall Volunteering Opportunities

Samantha Zubler

UCARE, the Ursinus Center for Advocacy, Responsibility, and Engagement, has many exciting volunteer opportunities for students this fall. Having recently moved to the basement of the library, the office, which serves as the center for community services on campus, kicked off the year with a service and advocacy fair in Lower Wismer to expose students to most of the service opportunities open to them. Here are the details on some of the opportunities:

UCARE’s ESL for the Ursinus Cleaning Staff

If you would be interested in teaching an English as a second language class to the Ursinus Cleaning Staff, please contact the UCARE office for details! The class would be held 2-3 days a week. There is no Spanish knowledge required to teach the class.

ACLAMO Family Centers

The activities at ACLAMO include social service help, health and wellness activities, and assisting K-8 students after school with homework, reading, and enrichment activities. The center is in Norristown, PA and primarily serves the Latino and Hispanic population of Montgomery County.

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills

If you would love to assist the community of adults with special needs in Phoenixville by making a mosaic, assisting with workshops, or helping out in the café, orchard or herb garden, please email!

Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy

The Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy is an environmental non-profit that hosts different activities seasonally. This fall, the Conservancy is focusing on native planting. Over 1500 trees need to be planted, and the work will only get done with volunteer help! Please contact Jessie Kemper at 610-297-9383 or if you are interested.

Cradles to Crayons

This donation-based non-profit supplies everyday essentials for kids from newborn to age 12 and serves 70,000 kids a year. They have a warehouse in Conshohocken where they need help sorting and packaging donations. They also have a clothing drive Saturday, September 29. Please contact or for more information.

Orion Communities

Orion Communities is a social services agency in Phoenixville, near the Colonial Theater. They need help with many activities, from office-work to events. They are having a concert in October and need help with publicizing and day-of preparations. There is also a coat drive that they need help with! Please contact or for more information.

Sebastian Riding Associates

Sebastian Riding Associates offers equine assisted learning and therapy for people with disabilities ages 2+ in Evansburg State Park. Volunteers can help care for the horses and assist instructors with lessons. Please contact or 610-489-3741

Barnstone Art for Kids

If you volunteer with Barnstone Art for Kids, you can become a mentor for a child who has experienced some form of trauma. Sessions often feature a small group format of 8 child-mentor pairs. Phoenixville is the base, but other locations need help too. For more information, visit  or contact Linn Detweiler at 610-917-0140,

American Red Cross

With the American Red Cross, you can monitor a call line from your dorm or travel to places such as South Carolina to provide various types of assistance. Location and activities are based on availability. To get involved, please contact Ned Bloom, Sr Volunteer Specialist at or 484-403-4721.

Frederick Living

At Frederick Living, you would have the opportunity to spend time, play games, play music, do memory activities with or read to the elderly residents.

Avalon Hospice

Avalon Hospice is looking for volunteers to work with patients, often in their homes. You would visit patients to talk, play games, read to patients or provide music. Administrative volunteers also needed. Please contact Colleen McBride @

Parkhouse Nursing and Rehab Center

Parkhouse Nursing and Rehab Center in Royersford, PA is looking for volunteers to help with memory/dementia care, the craft room, the pinochle club and the sewing club. They also need help with their Halloween Festival on Friday, October 26, 5-8 p.m. and they need computer lab assistance on Fridays from 3-5 p.m. Please contact Sally Hawk-Jones at (610)-792-2341 or

Wismer on Wheels

Wismer on Wheels is looking for delivery drivers.

Ann’s Heart

Ann’s Heart needs volunteers to build beds, put them on wheels, and race them for a Bed Race Event to raise money for men and women in Code Blue Shelters. They also need people to stock shelves, clean, serve coffee, greet people, and hand out linens at Code Blue Shelters. If interested, please contact or or Contact for that info.


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