Homecoming King and Queen reflect on time at UC

Photo courtesy of Lauren Turet

After being crowned at the Homecoming football game last week, Alyse Brewer and Prince Patterson share some memories

Sarah Hojsak


There’s more to being Homecoming King or Queen than just a ceremony. For seniors Prince Patterson and Alyse Brewer, winning these titles was a great way to celebrate their last year at Ursinus and reflect back on some of their experiences in the Ursinus community.

Patterson and Brewer were both nominated for the Homecoming court by organizations on campus.

Brewer, a member of the UC Ambassadors since her sophomore year, was honored that the group would choose to nominate her. Every year the organization nominates one of their seniors, and Brewer credits the group with giving her a greater exposure to the many diverse perspectives of UC students.

“It’s about how you can make positive changes within yourself, and also in the community, and in the world,” Brewer said of the Ambassadors program.

“When I found out about the nomination, I was excited, but I wasn’t expecting that,” Brewer said.

Patterson, a member of the football team, was nominated by Phi Alphi Psi. “The football team has a good relationship with Phi Psi,” he said. “It’s always cool whenever you receive respect and admiration from your peers.”

As a football player, Patterson actually missed the ceremony during the Homecoming game – he had gone inside to the locker room during halftime when the King and Queen were announced. “…they had already announced the winners before I got out there,” he said. “But running out to a crowd of people cheering for me was kind of awesome.”

“I was really excited when I found out that I had won…and the football team also won its first game of the season, and my family and friends were all there to see it,” Patterson said.

Brewer agreed that the ceremony had a special feel. “I think it’s pretty cool that we get to have a diverse campus where we all know each other… we have such a community here,” she explained.

However, both also appreciate that the Homecoming court is not the intense competition it is at other schools.

“I think most people just see it as a friendly lighthearted competition,” said Patterson.  

Another aspect of the Homecoming court is allowing the winners to give back to the community. Each organization that nominated someone for the court donated $100 to go to charities chosen by the winners. Brewer chose the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, and Patterson chose Cradles to Crayons.

“It was really nice, more for the charity aspect than anything else,” Brewer said.

Brewer and Patterson both see Homecoming as one of many great memories from their time at Ursinus.  

“Overall my experience at Ursinus has been a positive one,” Patterson said. “I’ve learned to balance my social [life] with academics and athletics, and that skill will help me out a lot in life after Ursinus.”

“I think the person I was when I walked in [to Ursinus] is definitely not the person who’s walking out now,” Brewer explained. “I’ve grown a lot here, I’ve learned a lot here. I’ve learned that there’s so much more to the world than you think there is, and there’s so much I still don’t know.”

For now, both students will focus on making the most out of the remainder of their senior year.

“It’s a little depressing knowing that college is coming to an end, but I plan on enjoying the time I have left with my friends,” Patterson said.

As for after graduation, Patterson said he’ll “…probably be getting a job somewhere and start doing whatever it is adults do,” a daunting possibility which makes the last few months at Ursinus even more special.

Brewer is currently in the process of applying to graduate school for occupational therapy, with hopes of one day working with children with disabilities. She explained that her time at Ursinus as a Neuroscience major with a minor in English has allowed her to explore her many different interests.

“If you really care about something, or you’re really passionate about something, it’s easy to do what you love,” Brewer said.

Reflecting on his time at Ursinus, Patterson remarked on how quickly his college years have passed. “One day you’re moving into the freshman dorms, the next day you’re taking senior pictures,” he said. “It flies by so cherish every moment.

Brewer encourages students to find time to enjoy their college experience amid the stress of a busy schedule.

“It’s a lot to take in,” Brewer said, “Try to find time to enjoy everything that’s going on – even when it feels like a thousand things at once.” That, she said, is how you’ll make the best memories.