How sweet the sound: Voices in Praise gospel choir

Come see the choir in the Youth Explosion concert on April 28!

Shelsea Deravil

Ursinus College’s Voices
in Praise gospel choir comes together to make joyful noise. Since 1997, the gospel choir has been a musical community for religious students seeking to stay close to their faith.

Erica Keith said that Voices in Praise has gone through a lot of changes since she became the director in fall of 2017. The choir never had male singers who attended consistently, but freshman Brandon Winfield changed that when he joined the choir last semester. In addition, Keith explained that the singers are now more comfort- able projecting their voices and singing with feeling. She hopes that in the future, the choir grows and becomes a more prominent part of the Ursinus community. She welcomes more students to join.

Seniors Jessica Saunders and Jada Grice have sung
in the gospel choir for four years. Grice said, “My favorite memory is the time we learned to sing a song in a Kenyan language called Hakunah Wakaita Sa’Jesu. It was a cool experience. We played the shakers along to it.”

My favorite memory is the time we learned to sing a song in a Kenyan language called Hakunah Wakaita Sa’Jesu.” — Jada Grice Class of 2019

Saunders reflected on the way past concerts have affected the club, and how the members always look forward to events and being together. She said, “We used to sing at the Trinity Church across campus and we commonly sing at SUN’s Substance for Soul event.” Saunders also explained that “we used to be a large group but the majority of the members would graduate. So, each year the number depleted.”

The gospel choir is trying something new this year. It will host a Youth Explosion con- cert, which some of the choir members’ home churches will be invited to attend. At least two or three outside choirs will come to sing. The concert will be held in Bomberger Auditorium on April 28. Saunders believes this will get “many people to come out and support [the choir], as well as see other choirs sing.” She hopes that the choir will “have a great concert, and that future and current freshmen members remain in the choir during their years [at Ursinus].