International Perspective: Reflections on adjusting to campus culture in the fall

Luximei Wang

After living in America for four weeks, I realized that everything here is really different from what I thought before. There are several people who know that I came to this school because I missed my dream school deadline. Honestly, I didn’t have many expectations before I came to this school. But now I really like Ursinus College and how it makes me feel warm and safe.

In the first few weeks, I joined lots of activities, all of them interesting and meaningful. But there is one activity that makes me more receptive to the American culture. Because my friend is a Christian, she joined the Intervarsity Christian group. She told me it is really interesting and the people there are really nice. Honestly, I really wanted to know more about the American religious culture too, so I joined with her .

In a group activity, we read a passage of the Bible, which was named the “Prodigal Son.” This story talks about a son who gives up evil and returns to good. Before he returns, he hurts his father’s heart, but his father is still willing to accept him and forgive him. After reading it, everyone shared their opinions with each other. They also connected their opinions to their own experience; it’s really different from what I expected. Previously, I had always thought that the only thing the Bible talked about was how to pray to God. Apparently, my view was wrong. Some stories in the Bible are more like fables, which can guide people to do the right things.

A lot of people told me that Ursinus College is a diverse school. I think this is true because in this place I can come into contact with many cultures and religions I never knew before. As an international student, I really want American students to know my country’s culture as well, and this is also a reason why I came here. I hope I can learn about more different cultures in the future, so then I can share these cultures with my Chinese friends.

Luximei Wang is a freshman international student from Beijing, China.