Kimberton Whole Foods opens near campus

Photograph Courtesy of Kayla O'Mahony

Kim Corona

Kimberton Whole Foods, a supermarket located in the Collegeville Shopping Center, opened Mar. 21.

The family-owned and operated independent market is the sixth Kimberton Whole Foods in Pennsylvania. The independent natural grocer focuses on providing customers with natural, organic, and non-genetically-modified products, according the official Kimberton website.

The market features a cafe with freshly pressed juices, smoothies and specialty coffee, sandwiches, and a wide-range selection of in-house and locally baked goods. The location also offers a sushi bar, a hot and cold salad bar, a floral department and an apothecary supplied with natural body care products, according to the official Kimberton website.

Terry Brett, owner of Kimberton Whole Foods, explained in The Town Dish that the new Whole Foods is the largest location thus far, with indoor and outdoor seating. This is just in time for the changing of the seasons.

Kimberton Whole Foods opened down the block from Redner’s, who previously dominated the market as the closest supermarket to campus. However, with its mission of natural organic products, Kimberton offers a place where many natural products can be found all within the same location.

Juliette Reinhardt, a sophomore, noticed the accessibility the market offers when it comes to healthy products. In a location that supplies all natural products, it’s easier for the shopper to hunt down products.

“I don’t necessarily think you have to shop at an all natural store to get these products, but it’s nice and I’m sure a lot of community members will enjoy it’s accessibility, [and it] being its own entity,” said Reinhardt.

Compared to other markets within the area, Kimberton offers several alternatives that cater to individuals with restrictive diets, according to their website. Jenna Nienus, a sophomore, noticed the alternative products sold by the market include dairy alternatives, which accommodate people with dietary restrictions.

“When it comes to being a vegan or being a vegetarian, it allows more options when it says it’s going to be more natural and organic,” said Nienus.

The market offers an incentive for the community to expand the ways in which they think about how they shop, especially when consumers are taking initiatives to learn more about where their food is coming from. The company reported on its website that it works with more than 150 local producers to bring fresh products to their stores.

“It introduces the community to more natural products, rather than processed and chemical ones that we tend to see in corporations such as Walmart, ” added Reinhardt.

Kaitlyn Lawrence, a junior, and one of the student workers in Kimberton, is excited that the market will be walking distance from campus. As a Cafe team member and a Sustainability Fellow on campus, she’s conscious about her impact on the environment when it comes to what she consumes.

“I feel that even if something were to be more expensive at Kimberton Whole Foods, I would still rather purchase it there than at Wegmans, just because I can trust that these products are made ethically, sourced local, and are trusted by the Kimberton team to be more environmentally sustainable and natural,” said Lawrence.

Kimberton Whole Foods is located at 222 E. Main St., open everyday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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