Main Street Nutrition hosts healthy happy hour for Ursinus students

Photo Courtesy of Kayla O'Mahony

Ria Rathi

 Local business Main Street Nutrition will be hosting an Ursinus Appreciation Happy Hour Thursday, April 26, as a celebration of the end of the semester for Ursinus College Students. The smoothie bar, owned by Tara and Tim McGlone, is frequented by many Ursinus students and other community members. 

     When talking about working with Ursinus students, Tara McGlone discussed how she thinks it’s important to meet people from all age groups and backgrounds and how much she enjoys constantly encouraging people and making new connections. 

     “It’s really great that Ursinus is right down the street,” McGlone said. “Students have a place nearby where they can go for a healthy snack or meal and a positive environment and we get the chance to get to know and connect with students and their friends.” McGlone added that some student customers have become as close as family, with one student painting a mural for their daughter’s nursery a few years back. 

     The McGlones like to “make healthy cool and keep it fun.” According to McGlone, the duo is dedicated to learning the names and establishing relationships with every customer.    

     They enjoy running a community-based business and helping people with nutrition planning in addition to making healthy smoothies and teas. McGlone listed the hot cinnamon tea with cranberry aloe as a personal favorite and noted two favorite smoothies – Strawberry Shortcake and Minty Green Goddess. 

     Main Street Nutrition is also one of the businesses participating in the U-Imagine Center’s Digital Sparks program, in which Ursinus students are partnered with local business and start-up companies to help enhance the businesses’ digital marketing.  Students from Ursinus help these businesses establish a stronger digital presence, more effectively utilize social media content, and take advantage of evolving digital innovations. 

     The Ursinus student partnered with Main Street Nutrition this semester is Jill Falduto. When talking about her time working with Main Street Nutrition, Falduto said she “was blessed to have the opportunity to work with Main Street Nutrition” and that is an incredibly welcoming and fun environment.

     “I loved getting to help Tara and Tim spread the good vibes and bring in more customers,” said Falduto.

      And it doesn’t hurt that Falduto is also a big fan of Main Street Nutrition’s smoothies. Falduto was torn in picking a favorite between the Snickers Shake or the Peanut Chew, which she said, “tastes just like a Payday!”

     The Happy Hour will be this Thursday, April 26, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Students will be able to get an aloe tea and a shake from a special made-for-this-event menu for 5 dollars. McGlone is excited to meet everyone attending and to give students a place to have fun, eat healthy, and have a little bit of a break from the stress of finals!