Piñata Party: Students celebrate heritage

Sienna Coleman


Lillian Van Licht


Even if two people are from “two different backgrounds, they can both share in the significance” of the cultural meaning and joy of the piñata, said Christopher Moreno ’22 about the Piñata Party that L.A.X., ALMA and Latin American Studies came together to host on Saturday, March 23rd. With the help of a grant, the Latin American Studies department was able to create the event in hopes of providing a fun activity as well as educating people about the Latinx community. The event allowed people across campus to learn more about the history of piñatas while getting to make their own.

President of ALMA, Zonia Rueda ’19, said that she wanted to help to share “the Hispanic culture within the Ursinus community, even through piñatas, which are typical in the Mexican culture at kids’ birthday parties.” To make a piñata, take a balloon, cover it in newspaper that has been dipped in a bucket of glue and water, and after every layer completely dries, fill it with candy. Later, break it open in celebration!

Many people at the event got creative with their piñatas. For example, Christopher Moreno ’22 made his piñata into a Christmas ornament, complete with a bendy straw on each side.

In addition to decorating their own piñatas, students listened to music, danced, sang, and did a raffle for the graphic novel La Borinqueña by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. Stephanie Guzman, President of L.A.X., said, “I had a great time planning this event and was happy with the turnout.”

Moreno praised the event as “an opportunity to listen to Latin music, dance together, use stuff from back home.” He hopes for more events based
in Latinx culture and said, “I definitely think we should have events like that on campus. It reminds me of home, brings back memories.” Events like this bring together the whole Latinx community.

Be sure to look out for up- coming events from L.A.X. and ALMA. L.A.X. will have their second group meeting on April 11 at 6:00 p.m. Additionally, ALMA will be hosting Latin Night on April 6 from 7-11 p.m. and hopes to bring the community together again with music, dancing, and food.

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