Return of the Ursinusaur

Sophia Di Battista

Don’t worry, a meteor strike didn’t wipe out the campus’ favorite dino.

     Steve the Ursinusaur announced his return to campus on Instagram this August. 

     During the 2017-2018 school year, Steve roared into Ursinus when he was spotted walking around campus and taking in the view during his free time at a bonfire gathering. People were thrilled to see this new ‘mascot’ and happy to take pictures while sharing a few dance moves with him. As the year progressed, the T-Rex disappeared, but thankfully, he has returned.  

     In an Instagram photo, Steve the Ursinusaur announced his return, apologizing for his absence due to his hectic schedule and film debut. He describes the experience in show-business by saying, “I had been busy with the filming of the new movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom where I was the star dino.” 

     After his time in the spotlight, Steve decided it was time to come back to the place where he was already a celebrity before his acting career took off. 

     Steve commented on his feelings towards the return from near extinction. He said, “I am very excited to be back at Ursinus. When I was away, I didn’t feel like an Ursinusaur. I just felt like a regular T-rex, but now I feel like myself again.” 

     Being back at Ursinus is a huge career move for Steve, since he is stepping down from the flashy attention of Hollywood, and his plans for this year are more geared toward his own interests and education. He said, “I plan to live a more simplistic life to escape from my fame and focus on academics to become an archeologist someday.” 

     Jacob Kang ’21, a friend of Steve the Ursinusaur, is honored to have the Ursinusaur back and feels grateful for his return. Kang said, “The Ursinusaur is truly an influential figure on campus. Impactful. Intelligent. A Leader.” Students admire the lovable dinosaur, and Steve is a very happy T-Rex now that he is back. 

          Since Steve plans on staying at Ursinus for a while, there might be a chance some students will run into him. Although it is not certain when he will appear next, he carries some “inspirational” advice to his fellow classmates: “If you ever feel like life is too hard, just think about how much harder it would be if you had short arms, and then move on.” 

     Steve did not mention when his next appearance will be, but Ursinus students look forward to it. Keep up with Steve the Ursinusaur on Instagram @the_ursinusaur.