St. Andrew’s scholarship recipient looks forward to a full year of soaking up Scottish culture

Photo courtesy of Bailey Ludwig

Sophomore Bailey Ludwig was recently awarded the prestigious scholarship, and will spend next year at the University of Aberdeen

Courtney DuChene

Ursinus sophomore Bailey Ludwig is the recipient of a prestigious St. Andrew’s Society scholarship that will allow her to study abroad at Scotland’s University of Aberdeen for a full year.

The scholarship is offered annually by the St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia. Ursinus College is one of only 30 colleges and universities allowed to nominate students for the scholarship—each college can only choose one student to nominate. This year, Ludwig was Ursinus’ candidate; she’ll spend the entirety of the 2017-2018 school year abroad.

Ludwig’s interest in Medieval Literature attracted her to the scholarship.

“I was interested in Europe and the UK to begin with anyway,” she said. “So they recommended the program to me and I did a bunch of research and I was really interested in the schools.”

The St. Andrew’s Society extends the scholarship to 5 students annually, placing them at universities in Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Glasgow, or Aberdeen.

English professor Dr. Carol Dole, history professor Dr. Ross Doughty, and Dean Kelly Sorensen helped Bailey with the application process. They were part of a three-person committee that met with other candidates before choosing Ludwig to represent Ursinus. They then met several times with her to help her prepare for the application.

Dr. Doughty was one of the first Ursinus students to win a St. Andrews Scholarship in 1966-1967. When he began teaching at Ursinus in 1975 he was immediately asked to be on the committee to work with future applicants. He has been advising students ever since.

“I think it’s a great opportunity … for me it was the first time that I’d really spent any time out of the country and for most of our students that’s the case,” said Doughty.

Dr. Dole has been involved in the advising process several times throughout the years. She enjoys working closely with students and helping them succeed.

“This is what I really like about working at Ursinus rather than working at a university,” Dole said. “You can really work with students to help them achieve things that they didn’t even know were opportunities for them before.”

Ludwig first prepared an Ursinus application in which she wrote an essay and completed an interview in order to be selected as the Ursinus candidate for the St. Andrew’s scholarship. After that, she completed a questionnaire, wrote an essay, submitted letters of recommendation, and completed an intensive interview with the society.

“We kind of crammed the whole application into a week, so we worked together a lot during that week,” Ludwig said.

The tight deadlines made the application process challenging for Ludwig and her advisers.

“We were on a very short timeline and so we were trying to help Bailey get everything done very quickly in time for the deadline,” said Dole.

Dole and Doughty helped Bailey prepare for her written application and the interview process.

“The interview process is pretty daunting, and most people who are only sophomores haven’t had much training in interview skills,” said Dole. “They also have a pretty extensive amount of writing to do for the application and so we were able to work with her some on crafting a sense of audience and whatnot to help her make the best possible impression.”

Ludwig described the interview process as intimidating.

“They interviewed us with a panel and we sat in this really big throne and they asked us questions and it was really intimidating, but it was cool, too … I had never been put in such a rigorous interview process like that,” she said. “I had never been in such a high stakes competition and so it was cool to experience that.”

Both Dole and Doughty agree that the process of advising Ludwig was a rewarding one.

“As soon as we started working with Bailey, she seemed like she had a lot of determination and a lot of charm, and we thought that those two together could really help her succeed,” said Dole. “I think I was almost as excited when Bailey won the prize as she was. I really came to be rooting for her strongly.”

“I was really glad she was our candidate and I was really glad to hear that she won because I know how excited she is,” said Doughty. “That was really rewarding.”

While she’s abroad, Ludwig is excited to take a course in Scottish literature and take more classics courses.

“I want to explore my options,” she said. “There are a lot more course options at Aberdeen than there are here so I want to try something new.”

Ludwig is eager to experience all Scotland has to offer.

“I’ve been out of the country before, but not for that long of a time, so I’m interested in becoming immersed in another culture,” she said.