Suzanne Angermeier – Photo Editor
Suzanne Angermeier is a junior with a double major in Biology and Mathematics. This is second year as a Photo Editor for the Grizzly. She loves the atmosphere of the Read More
David Mendelsohn – Sports Editor
David is a Media and Communication Studies major with minors in Coaching and Latin. This is his second year as the Sports Editor. He likes that The Grizzly gives him a Read More
Sienna Coleman – Features Editor
Sienna is excited about her first year as Fetures Editor. She is majoring in English and Education and minoring in Spanish. Her other loves are theater, running and animals. She loves Read More
Kevin Leon – Opinion Editor
Kevin is a Philosophy major with a minor in Creative Writing. This is his first year as The Grizzly’s Opinions Editor. He likes working for The Grizzly because it keeps Read More
Johnny Myers – Copy Editor
Johnny Myers is a Copy Editor for the Grizzly. He is also an Economics major, English major, swimmer, newspaper writer, CIE Fellow, beekeeper, and soapmaker.
Kim Corona – News Editor
News Editor
Kim Corona is Media and Communications major with a minor is Creative Writing. This is her first year as the News Editor.
Linda McIntyre – Copy Editor
Linda is a Biology and Neuroscience double major. This is her first year as a Copy Editor. She loves working for the Grizzly because it provides a platform for actively Read More
Gabriela Howell – Copy Editor
Gabriela is an English and Psychology double major with a minor in Spanish. This is her first year working as a Copy Editor for the Grizzly. When not working on Read More