Student employee profiles: Facilities

Thomas Garlick

Here at Ursinus College, students have a variety of opportunities to find employment on campus. Whether it be working in Wismer, the mail center, the gym, or facilities, it’s a good way to make a couple extra bucks on the side while attending classes.

Jared Lupold, a junior at Ursinus, works for facilities during the spring semester, as well as the summer. Facilities maintains Ursinus construction, grounds care, campus buildings and housing. The gig helps Lupold to pay some of the cost of his education, plus gets him some extra pocket money.

“It’s awesome, the guys that I work with during the summer treat me really well, and I really enjoy it. During the school year, I like it because it gives me some extra money to spend,” said Lupold.

Having a job on campus also means being able to balance a work schedule, class schedule, and in Lupold’s case, an off-season workout schedule for football.

“It’s pretty tough, the type of work I do is physically demanding sometimes, so that can make getting through class and workouts pretty hard,” Lupold said. It is clear that handling a four-class schedule, a mandatory workout four out of five days per week, and also working for facilities three days a week is a big challenge.

When asked what techniques he uses to prevent his schedule from becoming unmanageable, Lupold said, “On the days that I have work I usually like to wake up early in the morning and eat a good breakfast, so then I don’t feel exhausted halfway through. Then I like to make sure I have a jumpstart on all my homework, I usually get done my homework a couple days prior to the due date if it’s possible. If I don’t do that, I get swamped with too much work to be doing and not enough time with all the classes and obligations that I have during the week.” With these techniques that work well for Jared, he has managed to successfully hold a job with facilities since his freshman year.

Students can find employment at Ursinus using the student employment opportunities page on the UC website. Current campus job opportunities include game day workers, positions in Wismer, student event assistants, and lifeguards. If you’re interested in these opportunities, apply on the website.