Student worker profile: Wismer workers

Sierra Warner ’22 and Ashley Chavez ’22 share their experiences.

Shelsea Deravil

Dealing with classwork in college is tough enough as it is. Adding a demanding job on top of that list is a lot of added stress. Nonetheless, many students are dependent on their jobs at Wismer to pay for tuition and purchase necessities. A few Ursinus students spoke with “The Grizzly” about how they balance school with their jobs in the dining hall.

Sierra Warner ’22 works at Jazzman’s in lower Wismer. Working noon and night shifts, Sierra said the regular students that come to order their meals can sometimes be rude. Warner finds it frustrating that during the busiest part of her Wismer shift, students will order from Jazzman’s and ask seconds later if their meal is prepared: “They expect their meal to come immediately, and [that] puts an extra load of stress on you, which you don’t need. [I] have other stuff to worry about.” For example, because of her Jazzman’s night shifts, Warner stays up late to complete her biology assignments.

However, Warner enjoys her time at Jazzman’s when it comes to her coworkers. Coworkers like Cheryl keep Warner talkative and energized throughout her shifts. Additionally, thinking about money motivates her to push through. “I’m drained after my shifts,” she said, “[but] I need the money in order to [purchase] the things I need.”

Ashley Chavez ’22 works at upper Wismer and has had similar experiences. Chavez used to wake up at 7:00 a.m. to attend her shifts, where she “made coffee, filled up the fruit waters, [and] helped with opening… which was a lot to do [in that timeframe].” She found that listening to music helped her get through her shifts. In addition, she said she didn’t always enjoy her time in up- per Wismer. “I [temporarily] stopped working there this semester because… I didn’t like its environment anymore,” Chavez said.

She also explained that at times it was hard to balance classes, activities, and sleep. However, once she begins her jobs as an RA and tour guide, upper Wismer may no longer be a necessity for her.

Warner and Chavez agree that having a job on campus is a balancing act. They’re thankful for the monetary income and experience from working in Wismer, but know that it is also important for them to balance their work schedules with homework, extracurriculars, and sleep.


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