The “Cubed Curve”

Skylar Haas

     For 42 years, the “Cubed Curve” sat on one of the busiest streets in Manhattan, New York: the corner of West 50th and Sixth Avenue, better known as Avenue of the Americas. Recently, the statue made its debut at the quiet location of Main Street in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

     On Monday, October 22nd, the “Cubed Curve” statue was installed on Ursinus’ campus on the lawn between the Berman Museum and Bomberger Hall. After standing tall in the same location for 42 years, a group in New York City made the decision to relocate the statue from an urban setting to a more rural environment.

     This statue was donated to Ursinus College by the Rockefeller Group. This group is known for its development of high-quality office properties and for its highly respected real estate reputation.

    “I’m not sure why they chose a small college as opposed to a small, sorta independent museum or even a bigger museum,” Director of the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art, Charles Stainback said. “I was surprised and pleased and I have to admit…gratified that an organization like that in New York City recognized the good things we’ve been doing here at Ursinus and at the Berman Museum, and realize that we already have a love of sculpture.”

     The“Cubed Curve” weighs in at 5,000 pounds, is light blue in color, and measures 144 inches high by 48 inches wide. The installation of the statue was an immense undertaking: “the crane was mammoth,” Stainbeck. However, he states that, “From beginning to end the actual lifting of the sculpture from the truck to its position…took only about an hour.”

     The rest of it was just prep work, according to Stainback. He also said that there is a point that the artist included on the sculpture where a plate could be removed for a hook to be put in, in order to be able to lift and transfer the statue. The statue then had to be bolted to the steel plate on the ground designed just for the statue and repainted at the sight of the bolts. 

     After visiting the sight of installation of the “Cubed Curve” on Monday, October 22nd, it is evident that this statue will draw lots of attention to Ursinus’ already existing collection of more than 75 statues.

     “The location was picked so it would be visual from the road,” says Stainback,“I think it’s gonna have a really significant impact just because of the location we chose.”

     Sophomore at Ursinus and appreciator of Ursinus’ sculptures, Olivia Byrne, stated, “Maybe it [the location] will help people appreciate the statue and ALL of the other statues on campus!!”

The “Cubed Curve” seems to have gained the attention of students and faculty “The typical comment is ‘It’s really cool,’ you know, ‘How did you make this happen?’” Stainback said. “‘It really wasn’t…just me. It was a bunch of people that worked to make this happen.’”

     “Chris Dunn who is in the advancement office, he sorta helped make the initial connection. After that then it was sorta handed over to me,” Stainback said.

     Byrne said, “I think it’s awesome that the school is getting new things that AREN’T bio or science related!”

     Stainback assures that the iconic sculpture will have a good home at Ursinus.

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