The “Fine, we’ll do this later” Award: Kayla Quinn

David Mendelsohn

On April 9, the UC Softball Team was slated to play a Tuesday double header against Swarthmore College.

The first leg of the double header had a rain delay, then a lightning delay before being completed that Tuesday. The coaches decided, ambitiously, to try to squeeze in the second game before sundown. They managed to
get to the bottom of the fifth inning before it became too dark.

Nearly three weeks later, Sunday, the game had to be completed as both UC and Swat needed to sort out playoff seeding, so the game was to be finished.

The Bears resumed with runners on first and second and no outs, down 3-1 but Swat quickly got two outs before senior Kayla Quinn came up and drilled a game tying triple over the right fielder’s head. Teammate Morgan Comfort would drive her in one batter later and the Bears won 4-3 to clinch the No. 3 seed in the CC tournament.

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