The “History! With an exclamation point!” Award: Alex Mumme

David Mendelsohn

The UC Baseball team played the most absurd game I’ve seen in person in a long time when they beat Muhlenberg 22-9 last week.

I was upset when I had to watch it, because the Yankees were play- ing a 6:35 game that night, and this game went so long that I was cut ting it much closer than I’d like.

Regardless of how I felt personally about it, the Bears slugged their way into the record books in a few ways.

Juniors Alex Mumme and Dom Fiorentino became the first pair of Bears to both homer twice in the same game.

Mumme set two home run records himself that day, blasting his ninth and tenth dingers of the year to set the single season and career standards, respectively.

His record-setting 22nd career blast came on a grand slam in the fifth inning, the most exciting form of home run, which invoked my memory of Derek Jeter’s home run for his 3000th hit: History with an exclamation point!