The “I’m the new career goals record-holder” Award: Peter DeSimone

David Mendelsohn

My friend Peter DeSimone became the all-time record-holder for career goals in the history of Ursinus College men’s lacrosse on Saturday when he netted five against McDaniel.

DeSimone, if you’ve somehow not heard from DeSimone himself, has scored 113 total goals now, and has scored 30 in his senior campaign while serving as a captain of the lacrosse team.

DeSimone has secured the record for now, earning himself a nice outing at the Collegeville Italian Bakery, but he’ll be the first to tell you that teammae Bobby McClure will almost certainly smash the record next year during McClure’s senior year. McClure claimed the single-season goals record on Saturday as well.

Anyway, I am very happy for my friend Peter. Congrats, for now!