The “That was the coolest lax goal I’ve ever seen” Award: Bobby McClure

David Mendelsohn

It’s no secret that I’m not really a lacrosse guy at all, but I was paid a handsome sum to attend and work at the UC Men’s Lax game against Christopher Newport University at St. Paul’s school in Brooklandville, Md. and was treated to a very exciting contest for my services.

The Bears had another huge win as they took down their third ranked opponent of the season, and junior Bob by McClure was the guy who sunk the goal that felt like the nail in the coffin.

With the score 11-9 and less than 6 minutes to play, McClure was given the ball in a 1-on-1 matchup. I wish I could just show you the goal, but this is print journalism, so you’ll have to settle for this bad description.

McClure crossed over the defender, spun, then crossed him over again before draining a shot from a solid 15-yards out. It was in a word awesome. McClure now has 106 career points. Nice work, Bobby!

The Bears are now 4-0, and have jettisoned themselves into the top dozen teams in the country, depending on which ranking system you like.