Two UC students find an appetizing off-campus job

Photo courtesy of Shagun Fine Indian Cuisine

Juniors Kayla O’Mahony and Rowan Hewson work at Shagun Fine Indian Cuisine – and enjoy the added benefit of delicious food

Courtney DuChene

Looking for a job, but unsatisfied with the options on campus? Many students often forget that there are several options for employment off campus, including working in the restaurant industry. Students Kayla O’Mahony and Rowan Hewson both work off campus at Shagun Fine Indian Cuisine located in the Collegeville Shopping Center.

O’Mahony has been working at Shagun for about six weeks. She thinks working off campus has a lot of benefits for students. She said, “I get paid more and it’s kind of nice to get away—to physically get off Ursinus’ campus. I love it on campus and I love all the people here, but sometimes it’s really refreshing to leave because then it makes coming back more exciting.”

Hewson also thought it was refreshing to get away from the Ursinus bubble by working at the restaurant. She said, “It gives you a chance to get off campus and, especially with a restaurant, eat different food. I can eat whatever Kayla brings home or whatever I get to eat at the end of the night. You get to interact with new people: I mean there are Ursinus students who come by a lot, but you don’t have to only see Ursinus people.”

Hewson has worked in the restaurant industry for almost three years and she believes it is a good way to make money while also gaining valuable skills. She said, “I’ve mostly done hosting. It’s kind of low key. It’s not as hard as it seems. I was never really a waitress before, which is what I’m doing now. You learn a lot. You learn to interact with people really well, which I’ve always had a hard time with.”

Hewson started working at Shagun just before Thanksgiving break. She became interested in the job when O’Mahony told her there was an opening and she needed the money. She said, “Training was basically everything, like waiting tables and learning the computer system, because working there you basically do everything.”

“My first day was fun. Kayla was showing me everything. There was like no order. Kayla was kind of the boss which was really funny.”

O’Mahony also had an interesting experience on her first day. “My first day I had a lot responsibilities. It was really overwhelming and stressful, and exciting,” she said. “I finally learned how to work the cash register and I was really excited because my boss came and was standing next to me while I was checking out a customer. I took their credit card and I swiped it and I dropped it in the trash can. Like deep in the trash can. And I stood there really awkwardly while my boss and the customer were like ‘ummmm.’ Then my boss was like, ‘What’s the problem?’ And I said, ‘I dropped the credit card in the trash can.’ It was really awkward. My boss and I both literally fished through this giant trash barrel for the credit card and then it turned out to be on the floor next to the trash can. It was just so utterly embarrassing.”

Both Hewson and O’Mahony enjoy the food at Shagun. Hewson said, “I eat there all the time. Kayla was bringing back a lot of food and then when I started I was eating a lot of the food.”

O’Mahony said, “I can’t even explain it. I love all the food. They’re constantly giving me new things to try. I really like Shaam Savera, which is like a creamy, vegetarian dish with spinach cheese balls in it. They’re really, really good. They’re considering adding an item to the buffet menu. It’s like honey chili potatoes . . . deep fried potatoes in a batter of honey and chili sauce, and it’s so good. Also the vegetable pakora.”

Hewson’s favorite thing to eat at Shagun is the garlic naan. She advises students who go there to “definitely get a bread basket or some type of naan” and added that “they also have mango lassi, like a mango yogurt drink, that’s good, too.”  O’Mahony advises students try the chicken tikka masala.

If students are interested in ordering from Shagun, the restaurant is within walking distance from the college, by the McDonald’s. They also have an online ordering option.