Ursinus mourns the loss of junior student

Photo courtesy of the Grizzly Staff

Brian Thomas


This past week, the Ursinus community learned of the death  of junior Gregory Bauer. According to a campus-wide email sent by President Brock Blomberg, Bauer died on Saturday, Nov. 12.

Details are still forthcoming, but the email stated that Bauer was a junior majoring biochemistry and molecular biology who lived in Richter/North Hall. He was from Hatfield, Pa.

According to the email the school would share more information after consulting with Bauer’s family. At press time no additional information had been made public.

Bauer is the second Ursinus student to die in as many years. Michelle Buck died last December after being struck by a car on Main Street.

Counselors were available on Saturday after students learned of the incident, and students who needed to talk were encouraged to call Campus Safety.

The next day, Debbie Nolan, vice president and dean of student affairs, emailed out a list compiling resources available for grieving students. In addition to encouraging students to seek out help at the Wellness Center if needed, the email provided warning signs that students should look for in themselves and their peers who may be struggling with grief and may need assistance.

Students who need to speak with someone can email the Wellness Center at wellness@ursinus.edu, or call them at 610-409-3100. After business hours, students can call Campus Safety at 610-409-3333 or contact their Resident Advisor.


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