Why Midtown High’s science teachers denied to attend MCU’s ceremony!

The MCU’s Flash Thompson isn’t as physically imposing as he’s traditionally depicted, but he still likes giving Peter Parker a hard time. Ironically, though, in the time since Spider-Man: Homecoming, like his comic book counterpart, Flash has gained a deep respect for Spider-Man, and he’ll get to see his superhero idol in action while in Europe.
Betty Brant is an important character in the Spider-Man mythos, particularly in Peter Parker’s earliest days of superhero-ing. Her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming was minor at best, only appearing alongside her best friend, Liz Allan, and in quick school news broadcasts, but it looks like she’ll get to do more in Spider-Man: Far From Home. In addition to going on the Europe trip, she’s also now Ned Leeds’ girlfriend, though Ned will do his best to make sure that Betty doesn’t figure out that Peter is Spider-Man.
It can’t be a school trip without chaperones, and one of the teachers who will be supervising the students is Roger Harrington (yes, he is the same guy from The Incredible Hulk), one of Midtown High’s science teachers and head of the school’s Academic Decathlon Team. It’s up to Mr. Harrington to ensure the students stay safe, but when they’re coming across monstrous creatures like the Elementals, there’s only so much a teacher can do.
Before Peter Parker heads off to Europe, we’ll spend a little time with him back home in Spider-Man: Far From Home. One of the staples of Peter’s corner of Queens is the bodega run by Mr. Delmar. While it’s nice to reunite with someone who Peter interacts with frequently when not wearing the costume, we can reasonably assume that he won’t be on screen for very long, but at least his store is in better shape after being partially destroyed in Spider-Man: Homecoming.