Women’s Swimming on Pace to be Top of the Conference Again

Photo Courtesy of Amelia Goldstein

The Ursinus women’s swim team has had a perfect record this season, and has remained unbeaten in their last 39 regular season dual meets

Gerard Brown


The women’s swim team has been one of the best teams at Ursinus in recent years, and the accomplishments they have had over the course of the last four years are remarkable.  For the past three years, they have been undefeated during the regular and postseasons. Keeping the tradition of winning alive, the team is undefeated in 2016-2017 regular season action.

The women are led by head coach Mark Feinberg, who is in his 12th season at Ursinus. He has done a great job building tradition within the program and has had great success along the way, according to members of the team.  Senior captains Allison Emick and Marisa Ferrari had nothing but great praise for him.

Emick described Coach Feinberg as, very simply, “the best.”

She noted how supportive he is of the athletes in and out of the pool.

Ferrari made clear that Feinberg is a big proponent of academics first and athletics second; he makes sure the athletes under his supervision are succeeding in the classroom before they can head to the pool. Both Emick and Ferrari believe that his coaching style has made a huge impact on the team over the past few seasons.

Emick and Ferrari also expressed how significant the preseason has been for the team’s improvement ventolin tablets online.

This season Ursinus added full time strength and conditioning coach Eric Hoffman and assistant coach Paul Searles to supplement its athletes’ primary team training. The women on the team have learned different drills to improve their endurance—a boon to their swimming in competition.

“Eric and Paul have been a great help [as] our strength and conditioning coaches [starting] early in September,” Emick said.

Another factor that has helped the women’s swim team this year has been their heightened team unity.

“This is the closest that both [men’s and women’s] teams [have been], which is different [from] the last three years I’ve been here.  Everyone is fully behind each other and wants each other to win,” Ferrari said.

Both captains expressed that the teams have a greater bond this year, which really helped the morale of the team. This season, they said, the team’s work ethic is more positive, according to Ferarri. Ferrari said that she has reminded the women, especially the underclassmen on the team, to make sure that they knew that nothing was guaranteed and that they had to work hard to earn success.

Before the season started, the Centennial Conference poll projected the women’s swimming team to win the conference championship once again.  If the women are successful at the conference meet, they will win their fourth consecutive conference title. The women have remained humble with their success each year and continue to do so as they swim into the final stretch of their season.

Both captains made it very clear that there is no other team that they would rather swim on.

“These sets of friends became my family,” said Ferrari. “Being a part of the team has helped me grow and [has pushed me] even further.”

“I feel so privileged and am thankful to be on a team as great as we are,” Emick added. “I love this team; I really do.”

The Bears still have two more competitions with conference foes Washington College and Bryn Mawr College to wrap up their season before competing in the Centennial Conference Championship on Feb. 17.  You can catch the Bears competing at home Saturday, Feb. 4 against Bryn Mawr.

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